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(DTM conversion utilities)

Issue 1.3 18-June-1992
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Document "DTMCONVERT SPS"    Category "SALES - Spec"
Document Issue 1.2 J Barber   27-Apr-1992
Document Issue 1.3 J Barber   18-Jun-1992



DTMCONVERT is the Laser-Scan Digital Terrain Model translation package. It contains utilities to convert data between the Laser-Scan DTI format and various other digital terrain model formats. An interface to Laser-Scan IFF format is also provided.

The DTI (*Digital *Terrain *Image) format is the standard raster matrix used by the 3 Laser-Scan DTM packages DTMPREPARE, DTMCREATE and TVES as well as the background package MATRIX. (See the appropriate SPS for details on each of these).

IFF (*Internal *Feature *Format) is the Laser-Scan vector file format generated by Laser-Scan digitising systems and used as the data structure throughout the Laser-Scan LAMPS system.

The DTMCONVERT package operates on Digital Equipment VAX and MicroVAX series computers running the VMS operating system. See below for hardware and software prerequisites.

The utilities use either the Command Line Interpreter, as used by standard VAX/VMS utilities, or the Laser-Scan interactive command interface used by other LAMPS programs. The latter provides interactive help and diagnostic printout facilities. Standard VMS format messages are generated by all the utilities.

All DTMCONVERT modules are comprehensively documented in the DTMCONVERT Reference Manual and the documentation includes an explanation of messages output by the modules together with suggested user action.


The following computer hardware requirements are needed to run DTMCONVERT.


DTMCONVERT utilities run under VAX/VMS Version 5.4-3 (or higher, assuming upwards compatibility by DEC) concurrently with other interactive and batch processes.

The utilities are standalone conversion programs but the package "MATRIX" is necessary for manipulation of DTI files and Laser-Scan's *IFF *Map *Processing package (IMP) for IFF files. For more advanced DTM processing the *Terrain *Visualisation and *Exploitation *Software (TVES) package is recommended.


The minimum hardware and software requirements for any future version of this product may be different from the minimum hardware and software requirements for the current version.


All modules of the DTMCONVERT package are fully supported Laser-Scan standard software products.


The facilities offered by the DTMCONVERT utilities are described below in the order they appear in the Reference Manual. Note that customers purchase particular modules as required, so that the presence of a module within this list does not mean that a customer will automatically receive that module.