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Kilve October 2017 - MP3 Recordings

This page has music recordings from the WCCP residential concertina weekend in Kilve Court, Somerset, held in October 2017. They were informal recordings, made on a Sony SX733 digital recorder and minimally processed using Audacity, both by Paul Hardy. Only a subset of the event is presented: my solos, plus the main group performances and some bar session tunes.

These recordings are audio copyright Paul Hardy 2017, made available for personal listening by Kilve attendees. Ask Paul Hardy and any copyright holders for permission for any other re-use.

TL;DR - Highlight

Saturday Tutor's Concert

Saturday Bar Session

Unfortunately I was late in turning on my recorder so missed some of the session favourites played by the massed concertinists, but here are a few from a bit later in the evening.

Sunday Hymns Session

Sunday Showcase

Sunday Bar Session

A small group of concertinists stayed on overnight on the Sunday after the formal events had finished, and these recordings were made in the bar that evening.

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